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Our Vision

To put an end to UK plastic waste being sent to landfill or incineration

To ensure that 100% of UK plastic waste is being recycled and isn’t being sent to landfill or incineration

To provide a closed loop recycle service ensuring that 100% of all UK plastic waste is being recycled either in the UK or overseas

Our Mission

To provide UK recycling solutions which have a significant, positive impact on the environment with the support of OSO Environmental, as well as Uniserve Group and Comply Direct Ltd to offer environmental compliance and logistical support.

Our Service

OSO Polymers is an ambitious, Environment Agency accredited secondary waste material sourcing facility based in Leeds, Yorkshire UK. We are using science and innovative recycling technology to re-process waste materials, to create an advanced plastic product that can be reproduced into a wide range of plastic formats.

As part of a wider Group of companies that include compliance, logistics and manufacturing organisations, OSO Environmental, together with our sister company OSO Environmental who are a recycler of waste plastic packaging material, offers fully transparent and traceable waste reprocessing services that are unique in the UK.

On-site, OSO Polymers and OSO Environmental sit side by side, both using the 87’000 square foot industrial facilities. OSO Polymers process and convert plastic waste whilst OSO Environmental receive, store and monitor the movement of the waste, whether that be to support the factory or support other plastic processing companies in the UK or overseas.

Our Values

RELIABLE – to ensure we provide consistently good quality products, service and support

– to ensure we always employ honest, hardworking and passionate people

– to understand our clients’ needs and our suppliers’ offerings by working together to generate viable solutions.

– to ensure we provide a commercially viable, stable and straight forward working relationship between all clients and suppliers

– to respect our environment ensuring that we are having a positive impact on reducing landfill and plastic incineration. An Environmental trusted partner.